Saturday , 23 September 2017
Making the Best Use of Adjustable Bar Stools at Home

Making the Best Use of Adjustable Bar Stools at Home

How would you like to get seated? Relaxed with your feet fully resting on the ground? Or you want to sit upright and above the normal level of the seats around you to look around more comfortably? Well, the choice of everyone differs and it is for the best of the seating individuals that there are adjustable bar stools. With multiple adjusting choices, these stools make a smart sitting option at home or the bar. They are highly practical. You can swivel them also for speedy attention to someone saying a startling fact or calling you. Mostly jolly young fellows like to swing right and left while sitting and chatting happily. This is only for refreshing feeling but it is a widely liked movement.

Raising your bar stool higher is for higher counters where you sit and enjoy drinking your favorite drinks. But you need to rest your feet on something and for this purpose you have two different levels of feet rest in some of the adjustable bar stools. They make a comfortable sitting option in any height and you do not feel tired from sitting any time soon.

There are chrome based adjustable bar stools which are among the most recent additions in the furniture stores. They have an elegant style that perfectly matches the modern home setting and if you are having issues with space at home, choose these stools and do not worry about the little space. These adjustable bar stools have only one leg with a base and they do not occupy space in your home.  There are short back stools with small arms in this category. You can lean back for a while if you want to but as the back is usually small you can rest only for a few minutes.

Tripod adjustable bar stools take a bit more space but they are ideal for sitting as you feel more secure on them. They are simple and plain. You can keep them anywhere at home as they are easy to be transferred around the home and match any environment. Get a few stools and keep them handy for using them any time at home.

Adjustable bar stools are a useful furniture option at home and they come handy more than bulky big chairs. For a quick snack, drink or sandwich take out a stool and get seated at the kitchen counter. In a few minutes you are done with your drink or food and with little amount of clutter to clean and tidy you are done with all the mess. No need of taking your food to the dining table and no need to spend extra time that you can easily save for doing something else more useful.

1- Adjustable Kitchen Counter Bar Stool (Price:$129.95)

With an unshakable stand, this kitchen counter bar stool is the choice for those kitchens where the space is ample and seating is offered for multiple purposes either at the island or bar. For a better control over your working tools, adjust the height accordingly. Being helpful in quick turning around for  multiple small jobs, this simple but stylish stool is highly sturdy and smooth for use.

2- Backless Airlift Adjustable Bar Stool, Set of 2 (Price:$82,50)

This is a very easy to maneuver piece of furniture you can install anywhere you like. Most preferably you use them in front of your kitchen counters. It has an astounding  height adjustment that goes from 21″ to 29″. You can also swivel in the seat and make a neat 360-degree turn. This stool covers a very small space as its dimensions in inches are 15.1L x 15.1W x 25.2H. You can also comfortably place your feet on the footrest ring.

3- Baxton Studio Garr Modern Bar Stool (Price:$135.00)

 The Baxton Studio stool brings a very prim and orderly look to your wherever you would like to install it. With its polished and shiny walnut effect veneer over the strong plywood this stool is made of, it is a lovely thing to stare upon. You have a black faux leather seat stuffed with polyurethane foam padding that is very soft and comfortable for sitting. The dimensions of the stool measure up to 19.5″L x 17.2″W x 41″H. Perks include adjustable height and 360-degree swivel feature.

4-Pinnadel Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool (Price:$161.98)

What a grand and absolutely magnificent this piece of furniture this stool is. The style of the legs and the dark walnut-y color the seat comes in is simply awesome. Every stool easily comes under 20 lbs and has proper dimensions of  26″ H x 15″ W x 18″ D. It is a proud product from the Pinnadel collection.

5-Vinyl Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool (Price:$64.99)

Searching for a comfortable, portable and adorable stool to install anywhere you like? Here’s a very useful one! The soft and fluffy seat is made from faux leather material. You have options to  adjust the height and perform a full 360-degree turn with this stool. A beautiful chrome finish just puts the cherry on top along with the perfect footrest ring. You also have a protective layer of rubber placed on the bottom of this stool so as to avoid any tear or wear!

6- Threshold™ Lewiston Adjustable Swivel Barstool (Price:$71.24)

Living up to its name of course you can use this bar stool to swivel a full turn on its seat and adjust the height as much as you like. It is a backless stool with floor protectors, a foot rest and nail head trim. It is made out of high quality metal and has a walnut wood finish. Dimensions: 29H x 14W x 14.D. Also the seat’s diameter is 14 inches  making it quite enough for anyone to sit on.

7-Charles Bicycle Wheel Adjustable Bar Stool (Price:$169.99)

Where have you seen a stool that looks like this? Straight from the whimsical 90s you can bring in a very antique touch to your place. This unique stool has a complete look of a bicycle with a big wheel and 2 metal paddles which are used to rest your feet on. The item is made of heavy industrial metal and has a distressed look to it that adds in its everlasting charm.

8-Modern Contemporary Adjustable Bar Stools, Set of 2 (Price:$189.99)

With its compatible price and modern look, this adaptable bar stool (that by the way is a set of 2) can transform your drab-like home look to a radiant one. You can happily swivel yourself around with a full twist on this bar stool and perch your feet on its large footrest. You have an extra padded seat and a chrome & vinyl plated body that brings a modern touch to the item.

This stool with its broad seat makes it easy for you to rest yourself and take a breather. You can adjust its height according to the place you will install it in. The materials used is robust and sturdy promising the item a long and happy life with its owner. Strategically paced there are tiny rubber feet on the bottom of the legs so as it doesn’t scratch your floor’s surface.

10- Jayden Cream Faux Leather Adjustable Swivel Barstool (Price:$99.95)

Everything about this stool is charming and beautiful. From the creamy color of the seat to the walnut back rest and the bronze colored metal the stool is made of, one can hardly refuse buying this product. The faux leather seat that sits atop the metal structure and its chrome base is very soft and resilient. There is a fashionable curved foot rest you can place your feet on and…relax.